Manage your own time

100% Control
Over Each Vehicle

  • Your own fleet of shared electric scooters, plug and play, in just weeks.
  • You buy your scooters with our Hop IoT installed.
  • Main features:
      • Real Time Tracking
      • Parking and Limited Speed Zones
      • Alerts
      • Manage your Finances
  • We charge a monthly fee and nothing else.

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What Moves Us

Be a Part of the Revolution

We’re like you, citizens that look for intelligent and efficient solutions for our city, so that people live less stressed and more connected, advancing together towards a better quality of collective and individual life.

We believe in a collaborative economy where we generate less negative impact on the environment, create more friendly cities, and use our time and resources more efficiently.

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Our geofencing system works by sending the fences from our servers to the scooter’s IoT module. This allows the scooter to decide instantaneously whether it is in or out of a geofence and alter its behavior accordingly, even if it have lost cellular connectivity.

This way we can offer features such as delimited ride areas, low speed zones, etc. with the scooters changing its speed and behavior right at the edge of the fences.

This differs from the common solution, who sample the scooter’s position once a certain amount of time and send signals from the servers to alter the scooter’s behavior. A scooter can travel long distances and also lose connectivity while this happen which will heavily impact in the behaviour of the scooter.

And everything else!

Hop loT

Allows you complete flexibility and authority over the electric vehicle.

Hop Platform

To manage your fleet in real time and analyze consumer data.

Hop Scooter App

So that you and your scooters interact with your users.

"App Store"


Everything integrated. You will have full access to all of the information

"information storage"