What Moves Us

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We’re like you, citizens that look for intelligent and efficient solutions for our city, so that people live less stressed and more connected, advancing together towards a better quality of collective and individual life.

We believe in a collaborative economy where we generate less negative impact on the environment, create more friendly cities, and use our time and resources more efficiently.

"green business"

Our Mission and Our Partners’ Mission

Our values



We provide a top-notch service in constant technological perfectioning and reinvention. We focus on the continued improvement of each of our systems to offer a better service and better efficiency to our partners.



Our main goal is to facilitate the path for those who want to start their own collaborative, green, and efficient transit company. We offer an alternative business that allows our partners to achieve the flexibility and liberty they seek.


Collaborative Economy

We believe in a society that can make time management and resource optimization more efficient by creating a new ecosystem based on organization thanks to technology.



We promote a metropolitan transit system that is rooted in the respect, care, and protection of the environment.


We offer comprehensive technological solutions for those citizens that want to make an impact in their cities through their own collaborative, green, and efficient transport business.


We believe in a society made up of responsible citizens dedicated to protecting the environment by being active in their communities. We long for friendly, collaborative cities where the use of resources is efficient, and the morning commute is a pleasurable experience.