Comienza a Ser tu Propio Jefe

Tú Solo Operas tu Flota,
Nosotros Hacemos lo Demás

Con Hop ya no es necesario vivir en Silicon Valley, ni hacerse cargo de costosos equipos de desarrollo de hardware y software para ser emprendedor. Tú compartes las scooters, nosotros compartimos la tecnología. Y así, juntos, seremos actores principales en la nueva economía de compartir por sobre tener.

  • Desarrollamos nuestra propia tecnología, de hardware a software
  • Nos permite ser absolutamente flexibles para ofrecer soluciones a tu medida
  • Completo control sobre tu flota y todo el sistema para operarla
  • Sin límites en la cantidad de vehículos
  • Sin precio por viaje fijo
  • Libertad absoluta para que operes tu negocio

En lugar de tener que buscar distintos proveedores y desarrolladores de tecnologías, nosotros te ofrecemos el paquete completo.

  • Tecnología IoT instalada en cada Scooter
  • Plataforma para que gestiones tu negocio
  • App para tus usuarios

Cómo Funciona

Compra tu flota con el IoT Hop instalado


Posiciona tus scooters en calles estratégicas

Cómo Funciona

Administra tu flota a través de la Plataforma hOP 


Genera ganancias

Carga las scooters

Lanza tu propia flota de vehículos eléctrico hoy

Estás preparado para dar el salto?

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Questions? check our


How much does a fleet cost?

  • You will purchase the electric vehicles: We don’t want to be an electric vehicles distributor, so we will make transparent the same factory FOB cost for you. We will also recommend which vehicle and from which supplier to buy; we know how bad the business gets when you don’t have a sharing business thought vehicle!
  • Your HOPs will have to be recharged after use. Electricity costs vary from region to region. It could take up to -6 hours to charge a battery.
  • We will also share the payment getaway fee in the same proportion we will share the business revenue.
  • Our monthly fee will depend on the size of your fleet, and we will not charge for anything else. Insurance (if you need), local taxes expenses and permits are your responsibility.
  • Marketing expenses will also be your responsibility, but we strongly recommend not to spend your money on campaigns but in buying more scooters!

How much money can i make?

The number of rides per day will fluctuate according to location, hours made available to customers, adequate battery charge, day of the week, weather conditions as well as other variables. On our experience, daily rides will be between 6 to 10 times a day with an average usage time of 8 to 14 minutes. Based on this, an assuming market tariffs of US $1 to unlock + US $0.15 per minute, the business revenue will be between US $400 to US $700 per scooter per month. Anyway you will be able to set the service price for your business at your own will!

What comes included when i purchase my HOP fleet?

  • Scooter + HOP IoT + charger.
  • HOP Platform: Managing your fleet online (location, charge level, orientation, maintenance log, user rides, refunds, financials).
  • HOP Analytics Platform: Build your own dashboard with customized KPIs
  • HOP Operational APP: Get efficiency on the ground
  • HOP user APP: downloadable from Apple and Google stores
  • Web Services integrations: Payment Getaway, Platform, Data search engine, Server, Support Desk.
  • Technology development capacity: We can build customized solutions for your special needs.
  • Continuous improvements and future hardware + software upgrades: At no additional cost.
  • New electric vehicle options.
  • Zone exclusivity under growth agreement.

What do i need to do to get started?

  • Free floating shared e-vehicles permits: Be authorities friendly, ask for permission, not for forgiveness (mid – long run sustainable strategy).
  • Warehousing / Repairing space: Make sure you have some space to fix them if necessary.
  • Spare Parts: Buy directly from our suppliers, we suggest at least 0% of your initial investment.
  • Courage: Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone …

How do i make money?

Prior to your vehicle’s arrival, we will set up everything on the platform. We will discuss about pricing (we recommend you to stick with industry tariffs), geofencing and special features you may need. Once your vehicles are delivered, log in into HOP Platform using your user ID and password. All vehicles will be ready to start your business right away. You just need to press the “ENABLE” button, and your vehicles will be ready to be rented. Maximize availability, use our data analytics to check on the best spots and enjoy your entrepreneurship experience!. Welcome to the art of managing your own time.

What do i need to do to get started?

Energy, courage, money and responsibility. Before investing in your own fleet make sure if you will need a local authorities’ permit to operate them. We know asking for permission rather than forgiveness is not popular, but hey … this is a business, and you need to think in the long run. Be authorities friendly, you won’t regret it.

What should i do to make the business work?

Make sure to place them in a high foot traffic area during the day and then pick those scooters with low battery levels in the evenings, to recharge overnight.

What comes included when i purchase my HOP fleet?

Each HOP scooter comes ready to use, with Integrated IoT which keeps your electric scooters connected to our systems. Don’t worry, we will give you all the support you need, keep in mind we built this in order for anyone to become an entrepreneur. Its simple, effective and easy to use.

What expenses do i need to know about?

  • Local operating permits could mean possible expenses in order to obtain permission to operate a shared electric vehicles fleet in the chosen location.
  • Charging cost will depend on your local energy tariffs. Usually those tariffs are expressed in $ Kw/H. Most of the scooters consume 1.1 Kw/H and takes up to 6 hours to fully charge. While owners of smaller fleets will likely do this themselves, large fleet owners may outsource or hire individuals to help pick up, drop off, and charge their HOP scooters for them. We will share in the same proportion the third- party payment getaway expenses. In order to be able to charge our customers credit cards after they use one of your vehicles, we need to integrate with the types of companies that are officially allowed to have all our customer payment information. Normally these companies charge between 3% and 5% of the total revenue, depending on your location. Additional bank transaction charges may apply and vary depending on which currency and country you are operating in, as well as how frequently you want the money transferred to your account.
  • Cellular connectivity companies charges a monthly fee depending on how many Mb the scooter consumes in order to be connected to our servers. On average, our IoT will consume 20Mb of data per month. Calculate US $10 of cellular data cost per scooter per month.
  • Operational costs: These will vary greatly between different countries, but we estimate you will need 4 people + 50m2 warehouse + a utility car to operate a 100 scooters fleet well. Of course, we have found much more efficient ways to operate (Ex. Electrified Utility car to save on warehousing) and will happily share all our operational experience in order to make your operation more efficient.
  • Marketing: We do not recommend you spend money on marketing. Customers will pick the scooter that is near to them, so is more efficient to spend money buying more scooters rather than doing marketing campaigns.

What happens if my scooter breaks?

As the sharing business is so new for every country, most scooter manufacturers will not offer any warranty on the vehicle. But the battery and electric motor has a 3-month warranty and we will help you make that warranty happen if needed.
Our IoT has a 6-month warranty and in any case, first we will change it and then investigate the cause of the damage.
Finally, you will be responsible for buying spare parts and fixing the scooters broken by everyday shared use.

Who makes HOP vehicles?

We are continuously visiting different suppliers in order to be up to date with the best sharing business vehicles being launched to the market. We can control any electric vehicle, and we will always be looking for the best option to maximize availability, service life and efficiency of the sharing business. Remember, your business is our business, we will make sure you have the best possible asset to generate revenue.

What happens if my scooter gets vandalized or stolen?

Unfortunately for the moment we are not going into education and ethics. Maybe we will do it in the future to minimize this natural risk of any business.

Do i have to pick up and drop off my own scooters?

All scooters should be picked up and charged on a regular basis. While owners of smaller fleets will likely do this themselves, large fleet owners may outsource or hire individuals to help pick up, drop off, and charge their vehicles for them. Each HOP is entirely owned by you, so you are responsible for anyone you choose to help with pickups, drop offs, and charging.

Do i need insurance to operate a HOP fleet?

Your call. Liability Insurance, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, Personal Injury Protection or any other type of insurance are not provided with the purchase of the HOP, but may be required by local authorities.

Who can rent my HOPs?

Will depend on your zone regulation, authorities and local culture. We have limited their speed at 20km/h, but still we suggest 18+ year olds to ride them.

Are there any restrictions on the size of my fleet? Can I buy more HOP scooters later?

Minimum: 50, no maximum. We do encourage organic growth so there is no problem in buying scooters later. Take into account that prices, timings and stock may change.

Can i have a fleet anywhere in the world?

Why not?. Only make sure location conditions will not affect scooters availability. Check the riding surface, weather, connectivity, credit card access, bike lanes, population density, tourism and how hilly it is. Check on our suggested scooter specifications to know more about your location conditions.

Can i white label my scooters?

Yes. We will develop your own app and upload it to Google Play and App Store. You just have to give us your scooter branding and app design and colors. This will have an additional one- time payment cost depending on how many features you need , and a delivery time of 30 days (maximum) plus Google Play and Apple Store uploading times.

Do scooters have Geofencing facilities?

We offer geofencing capabilities as standard on all scooters. This indicates to the rider where he may or may not use your scooter. We can add any property to geofences and the scooters will react to them.

Do you supply spare parts?

Yes. We work with scooter manufacturers to ensure you have access to spare parts for scooter repairs. We will transparent the exact cost of them.

How long will a full battery charge last?

Typically, a HOP will require a charge after 35 km of usage.

Is the current HOP app working?

Yes, both iOS and Android apps are working.

If I grow my fleet will HOP reduce the monthly fee?

For sure. We are partners, your growth is our growth. We look for a win – win relationship. We prefer to have 1% of a million than 20% of a thousand.