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Safety first

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Always wear Helmet


Follow local Traffic Laws

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Park Responsible

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Where should I ride?

You should ride on cycle paths. If there aren’t any, you must ride on the road using the right lane. If neither of these are possible, then ride along the sidewalk at the same speed as the pedestrians. If this is complicated due to the number of pedestrians, you need to walk with your scooter until you have the conditions to ride once more.

Where do I have to park the scooter?

Make sure you park in a suitable area, not blocking people or vehicles, be this on the sidewalk or roads. Please don’t park scooters in unsuitable areas. Our HOPs, for safety reasons must never be parked in locations that block public highways, routes, doors, access ramps, entrances to health facilities, fire stations, police stations and, in general, areas of common access. Don’t park in remote areas where service quality may be affected, like underground lots or other similar locations.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Always wear Helmets.
  2. Follow current traffic laws and regulations.
  3. Don’t use to go down slopes over 15°.
  4. You must be 18 or over to ride unsupervised.
  5. Use our HOPs at your own risk.

Locking and Unlocking

Sometimes this transaction can take up to 1 minute due to poor cell service. But don’t worry, charging will only be made when you start your trip and will end as soon as you press lock when you finish riding.

How much does it cost?

HOP charges a low fixed price for unlocking the scooter, and a per minute of use fee. Since prices vary from city to city, we recommend you check the rates in the app before unlocking your scooter by clicking on the rabbit icon on the map.

How can I pay?

You can use all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

Charging issues

If you have any problem or doubt with your charges, like surcharges, refunds, returns, etc., please write us at and we’ll solve it.

Can I pause my trip?

Currently it’s not possible. But you can leave the scooter still for 2 minutes before it locks again.

The service doesn't work

Check our section «How to Travel» in the App and follow all the steps. If you still have a problem, make sure you have updated both the App and your Smartphone and then restart our App. If this doesn’t work, write us at and we’ll help you.

My telephone's battery dies during a trip

No problem. Once you stop, the scooter will wait 2 minutes to end your trip. You won’t be charged for these 2 minutes.

Can I rent more than one HOP at a time?

Currently this isn’t possible. Each account can only unlock one scooter at a time. However, you can add the same means of payment to more than one account.

Damaged HOPs

If you find any HOP that has physical damages and/or malfunctions, you can help us by writing so we can repair it.

Speed and Autonomy?

Our scooters have a battery for shared use, providing an autonomy of 35 km when charged 100%. Considering that for safety reasons, we limit the speed to a maximum of 20km/h, you can easily travel more than 60 minutes on a 100% charged HOP. We must remind you that it is prohibited to put HOPs on another vehicle like cars, trains, plans, boats, buses, etc.

Is there a weight limit?

Our HOPs are designed for a maximum load of 120kg. However, for safety reasons, we recommend our users to not load them with more than 100kg. We must remind you that they are designed to carry just one person. 2 or more people onboard can compromise both yours and the scooter’s safety and integrity.

Am I liable for theft and vandalism?

You are responsible for the vehicle at all times while riding. If on finishing your trip, you don’t lock it or you leave it in a place known for theft and vandalism, then you will be liable for the loss of or damage to the scooter.

When will they arrive in my city?

If you can’t find HOPs in your city and you’d like them to, we invite you to become our partner in this sharing business. For more information, check the FAQs on our Home page and/or write us at

I see HOP in the App but not physically

Please make sure you have a good cell signal and that it is activated to use HOP. If this is working, then sadly some of our users are infringing our terms and conditions for the service. For us, it is very important that you help us, reporting to the HOPs that are missing, on private property or are not physically on the street to be used.

Do you have any questions or problems?

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I can see the HOP physically but Not in the App

We have probably deactivated that scooter for shared use for safety reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience and invite you to look for another HOP for your trip!