It allows you to connect the vehicle to the
internet and control it.

What's This??

IoT, aka Internet of Things, is a computer installed in the e-scooter.

IoT connects your vehicle to the internet so you can program pertinent actions (enable it, disable it, make it slower or faster, etc).

It is designed by our engineering team. This means that we have complete access to the scooter (not everyone can do this).

Your HOP comes ready to use, with our IoT installed.


HOP Platform + Operational App

You can manage your fleet in real-time control, track
location, load status, etc.

Take a look

The HOP Fleet Management System is a tool used by Fleet Owners to operate their business. You will be able to administer your fleet in real time, know its location, charge status, etc.

Things that can be done using this platform:

  • Decide how much you charge.
  • Offer Promotions to encourage use.
  • Restrict the area in which riders can operate your HOP.
  • Determine where riders may park the HOP once they complete their ride.
  • Maps that show you where your HOP are located.
  • Information about who is riding your HOP, how long they are being ridden, and how active they are.

HOP Scooter App

Used by riders to rent scooters.

Not just an app

Used by users to rent scooters. The HOP Scooter App is the shared electric scooter app created to give the flexibility that people need when they move around the city. Our app allows users to travel more efficiently than other forms of transport, obtain information on pricing, new features, discounts, and new areas of coverage. It is also the way in which you will be able to communicate with our Hop partner, the operator of your fleet.


HOP Cloud

We store
all the information, you will have full access.

You stuff safe and sound

In order to store all the information you may need to run your business. From the server we also generate all the necessary integrations such as payment platform, web services, support, and more.

White labeling

Do you have your own brand? Would you like to see it on the streets? We can do that for you.

Tailor Made

HOP Platforms Inc. is one of few companies in the world that has developed their own technology from hardware to software. This full technology gives us total control and flexibility over electric vehicles and the ability to offer customized solutions to special projects or operations around the globe. Do you need your own brand? We do that too!

This is what makes us different

What we offer

We offer our partners a solution where they will have complete control over their fleet and every system necessary to operate it. Since we develop our own technology, from hardware to software, we have total flexibility and authority over every system involved.

Our solution is simple: Brand (optional) + IoT + operational platform + operational application + user app + web services + servers + maintenance. We only charge a fixed or variable monthly fee depending on your preferences.


How does our Hop Platform looks like?

Watch our video